Types and styles of cybersecurity awareness training include:

  • Classroom training
    Instructors will teach your employees in person. Which equates to stronger engagement throughout the course, possibility to ask questions and raise concerns

  • Online training
    The fastest and most comfortable for your employees, they are very effective as long as they are completed by employees.

  • Visual Aids
    Great take on security comes also from interactive assists on your employee’s computers. These will actively protect your company and make employees aware of key points where threats can be detected and prevented.

  • Phishing campaigns
    Best way to see the current state of security awareness in your business?
    Test your employees with simulated attacks. These will give you and your employees great insight, learning opportunity on how to detect attacks, where to report them and learn from mistakes in a controlled manner, that didn’t cost your business a dime.

Employees can be the weakest link or biggest asset to the overall security of the business if they are given the right tools andproper threat-awareness program.

Why cyber security training is crucial for your business

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