How to Back Up and Restore Samsung Smartphone Using Smart Switch

Have you lost a phone and got really frustrated because you can’t restore all your data and settings? Did you buy a new smartphone, and you do not know how to transfer everything from the old one? Smart Switch might be the answer to your problem if you held a device made by Samsung. It is incredible how technology makes things easier and possible for us in certain circumstances.

What Is Smart Switch and How Does It Work?

Samsung Smart Switch lets us back up our smartphone data on our computer and transfer them to our new Galaxy device. In case we want to change phones, it is best to have everything stored, right? This will allow us to back up our contacts, phone messages, storage, location, microphone, and camera. Also, for our convenience, it is already installed in Samsung Galaxy smartphones. That leaves us to setting up Smart Switch app in our computers. It is also available for both Windows and Mac.

Installing Samsung Smart Switch in a Computer

Download the Samsung Smart Switch from the website. Launch the .exe file for Windows and .dmg for MAC users. Verify by accepting the Terms of the License Agreement, and then click “Next”. Wait for the installation process to finish, and then it will automatically launch after it is done. Now, it is time to connect your phone to your computer to start the application.

How to Backup Samsung Device with Smart Switch

Step 1: After the installation of the app in the computer, proceed now in backing up your files and data.

Step 2: Connect your Samsung smartphone to your computer with the USB port. In case Smart Switch does not recognize your smartphone when plugged in, disconnect your phone and try to plug in again with another USB port.

Step 3: There are instances when your device is not allowed for reset. If this happens, just presses “Do Not Show Again”, then confirm. You can still use Smart Switch from your computer to back up and restore data.

Step 4: Now, once you launched the application in your computer, you will be given three options to choose from: Back Up, Restore, and Outlook Sync.

Step 5: In your phone, make sure to allow permission for file transfers. There should be USB options; go for “Transferring Media Files”.

Step 6: Once connected, start with “”Back Up option. Allow access to your phone, and it will proceed on its process. Step 7: Once the backup is done, the list of all the data that have been stored will be shown. The files that you backed up will be saved in a default location unless you change its settings and store it in another folder. Smart Switch is great but it doesn’t mean it will work for all the devices. As far as I know, old Samsung devices are not supported by this program. So you have to use this alternative method instead.

How to Restore Samsung Device with Smart Switch

Now that it is all done and your data are finally secured in your computer, you can finally do the transfer/restore anytime you want it.

Step 1: Connect your phone to your computer with the USB port.

Step 2: USB options will appear on your phone; go for Transferring Media Files to allow permission to connect.

Step 3: From three options among Back Up, Restore, and Outlook, click Restore.

Step 4: If you want an earlier backup, you can choose different backup file. Otherwise, just choose “Restore Now”.

Step 5: After clicking “Restore Now”, it will ask again permission to allow access. Click Allow, and the Restore process will start. Once it is done, the list of all the data that have been stored will be shown.

Smart Switch also enables us to synchronize our Outlook Contacts.

Step 1: Outlook Sync is the third option we have in the application; click it.

Step 2: You will have to choose Sync Preferences.

Step 3: You can sync calendar, contacts, or your to-do as well as any specified folder.

Step 4: Click Sync Now whenever you finish ticking off the necessary boxes of your preference. After every process, you may check your phone to see if everything is in there. There is a satisfying feeling seeing your files like how you remember them from your old device.


In this digital world, there is a sense of comfort knowing that there are things we can still retrieve and might not lose forever. Since we store everything in databases and in our gadgets, it is wise to back up everything. We don’t want to lose important files and details we put so much effort in. Smart Switch is definitely a holy grail for its sole reason.

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