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The gallery of Nikon Small World is concurrently inspiring artwork and scientific analysis.

Get shut sufficient, and on a regular basis objects grow to be art work — on October four, Nikon introduced the winners for the Nikon Small World photomicrography competition, with the primary place prize going to the researcher behind a picture of a single pores and skin cell.

Bram van den Broek, of the Netherlands Most cancers Institute, took first place honors for his picture of a pores and skin cell expressing keratin, which circles the cell with a fluorescent yellow sample. In addition to simply being a shocking picture, the shot helps researchers perceive the keratin protein, which is usually an indicator of how aggressive some kinds of most cancers are.

“There are greater than 50 completely different keratin proteins identified in people. The expression patterns of keratin are sometimes irregular in pores and skin tumor cells, and it’s thus extensively used as a tumor marker in most cancers diagnostics,” van den Broek mentioned.  “By learning the methods completely different proteins like keratin dynamically change inside a cell, we are able to higher perceive the development of cancers and different illnesses.”

The second-place shot additionally reveals the complexities in an on a regular basis sight — the macro picture of a flowering plant, Senecio vulgaris or groundsel. The shot, by Havi Sarfaty of Israel, reveals the seed head of the plant at a 2x magnification.

The third-place shot seems to be prefer it got here straight from Pac-Man — but it surely’s really a 100x magnification of what algae seems to be like when it spreads with new daughter colonies. Jean-Marc Babalian of France captured the shot utilizing a differential interference distinction microscope.

The competition awarded 85 extra photographs within the contest, choosing the photographs from over 2,000 entries representing 88 international locations. With the 2017 contest as a part of Nikon’s yearlong 100th anniversary celebration, the winners will head to Japan for an unique tour of Nikon’s headquarters and factories.

“This yr’s winners not solely replicate exceptional analysis and developments in science, however in addition they enable the general public to get a glimpse of a hidden world,” mentioned Eric Flem, Nikon Devices communications supervisor. “This yr’s successful picture is an instance of necessary work being completed on the earth of science, and that work may be shared because of quickly advancing imaging expertise.”

The competition’s full checklist of winners may be seen at the Nikon Small World website, together with the winners for the video competition.

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